Meet Janie

Growing up in a family of eight children teaches a person a lot about life at an early age. Janie Miller understands. It was as a young girl that Janie realized her parents could only do so much, and if something was going to happen, it was up to her to make it happen. This realization fostered a sense of independence in Janie that exists to this day. She wakes up every morning with the belief that it’s up to her to make the most of life. She’s also the type of person who jumps in with both feet and gives her all to everything she does.

“I’m a big believer that you can’t focus solely on the destination, but you have to enjoy the journey as well,” she says.

Janie_HusA Formula for Success

Janie’s unique mindset and willingness to try new things has led to many successes throughout her life. For 10 years, she lived her dream of owning and operating her own cafe. She learned invaluable lessons about running a business and thrived on serving the community by providing tasty meals for her friends and neighbors. Janie also excelled for nearly 25 years running a tablecloth rental business that provided custom-designed table skirting for a variety of functions. Janie recognized the opportunity and true to her nature, devoted herself wholeheartedly to making that business a success.

In 2006, however, Janie found her true calling. That’s when she earned her real estate license and turned her sights full-time to helping people buy and sell homes. She loves the fact that in real estate, no two days are alike and every client brings different goals and aspirations for her to pursue. Janie’s approach to real estate is a reflection of her approach to life – while she always keeps the ultimate destination in mind, she also strives to help her clients enjoy the journey.

Putting You First

When you work with Janie toward the sale or purchase of a home, she starts by listening carefully to your specific objectives. She builds rapport quickly, which will allow you to feel comfortable throughout every Janie Computerstep of the process. Once Janie has your goals in her sights, she works extremely hard to help achieve them. In fact, some of her clients have said she thrives on the challenge of finding the ideal solution for their needs. But more than anything, Janie always protects your best interests and puts your needs ahead of her own.

“It’s extremely satisfying to be able to help people with such an important part of their lives,” Janie says. “Buying or selling a house can be intimidating and stressful, but I try to keep my clients informed to help them avoid those pitfalls throughout the process.”

Enjoy the Journey

Buying or selling a home should be a fun and exciting experience. Janie Miller couldn’t agree more. When the time comes for your next move, look to Janie for the local expertise and the genuinely caring service that will make your move a complete success. And remember – it’s not just about the destination. Call Janie today to Enjoy the Journey when buying or selling Austin area real estate.